Certification Policy
  SG TRUST SERVICES is a Certification Authority which issues digital certificates


The Certification Authority is in charge of verifying that the user to whom the certificate is issued is who he says he is (checks on the Kbis and the status for a company, users identity, powers of the various persons in charge...).

The quality of these controls and checks ensures a true value for the certificate.

The Subscribers trust this Certification Authority to generate and ensure the management of certificates. The Certification Authority has the following functions:


    1. Implementing the Certification Policy,
    2. Certificate Management (issue, revocation, renewal),
    3. Media Management and their activation data if the key-pairs and the certificates
      are issued to the Subscribers on physical media,
    4. Publication of the lists of revoked certificates (CRL),
    5. Logging and archiving of events and information related to the functioning of this authority.

For the recording and the validation of certificates demands as well as for the management
of certificates, the Certification Authority must conform to the requirements described in its Certification
Policy. A Certification Policy is composed of a set of rules describing the conditions for a certificate eligibility for applications with common security needs.

The rules concerning the delivery and the management of SG Trust Services certificates depend on the type of certificate:

- Certification Policy for authentication and key encipherment certificates

- Certification Policy for signature certificates